Allyson Huntington

Chief Legal Officer

Allyson brings over 30 years of experience to Miraki Innovation, including more than 26 years in law, experience in a not-for-profit corporation for federally-funded R&D to support several U.S. government agencies, and several years as an educator in a private school. As chief legal officer, Allyson draws upon her career experience to provide both legal and strategic guidance to Miraki and the portfolio companies.

Allyson’s 26-year career as an attorney began as a trial attorney, first in the public sector as a prosecutor and then in the private sector in a law firm setting dedicated to litigation and trial defense relating to complex product liability and construction matters. In 1998, Allyson established a private practice, with a focus on representing business and entrepreneurial clients. After representing matters for MedCap Advisors, MedCap Group and MedCap Funds, Allyson joined the team permanently as chief legal officer.

Allyson graduated with high honors from Providence College, earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. She earned a Juris Doctor, graduating with high honors from New England Law (formerly New England School of Law, and before that, known as Portia Law School – the first women-only law school).


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