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Founded by Christopher Velis in 2007 and funded in our beta fund, Auris Health’s Feb. 2019 acquisition by Johnson & Johnson valued the company at $5.75 billion (inclusive of milestone payments). This transaction with J&J is touted as the single largest venture-funded medtech acquisition in history. Through an integrated platform that encompasses AI, VR, guidance, visualization and miniaturization systems, Auris’ surgical robots give providers and patients access to procedures, such as the diagnosis of lung cancer, that could not otherwise be performed in a minimally-invasive manner.

Arctic Fox™ aims to address the growing demand in aesthetic medicine. Created in 2016, the portfolio company’s products will enhance physicians’ capabilities to address the demands of the growing number of clients seeking hassle-free personal enhancement procedures.

BOA™ Biomedical (BOA) leverages platform technology developed at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University to rapidly diagnose and treat infectious diseases. BOA licensed the initial technology for this medical device in 2018 and has been working on taking this from bench to bedside since. BOA’s products detect and clear pathogens and their toxins and can be used to diagnose and treat patients with new viruses for which there is little immunity, antimicrobial resistant infections and sepsis. BOA’s goal is to save lives by accelerating diagnoses of infectious diseases and improving treatment outcomes as we enter an age of increasing pandemic threats that stress our healthcare systems and economies.

Founded by Christopher Velis in 2018 as his second robotics company, Enso™ Surgical aims to investigate and develop several new classes of medical robots.

Developed to offer the orthopedic and spine surgery markets a reliable technology to accelerate bone growth and healing, Cerapedics’ products are designed to be a safer and more predictable bone formation factor than those commercially available. Cerapedics’ iFACTOR® Peptide Enhanced Bone Graft is the only biologic bone graft in orthopedics that incorporates a small peptide as an attachment factor to stimulate the natural bone healing process and is the only orthobiologic with regulatory clearance for cervical spinal fusion procedures.

Founded in 2009, Audax’s Arxis™ is a next-generation tissue regenerative medical device. Upon regulatory clearance, the technology will not only be utilized to regenerate bone, cartilage and soft tissue, deliver biologic agents and pharmaceuticals, but also has applications in the regeneration of skin for use in aesthetic procedures. Arxis aims to replace standard bone fillers that are limited in both mechanical and healing capabilities. This innovative device is a self-assembling, bioresorbable nanocomposite made of the same compounds as human DNA. It is designed to be used in minimally-invasive orthopedic reconstructive surgery and aesthetic plastic surgery procedures and is currently in its Series F funding stage.