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We believe the world can be a better place by solving global health issues through technological breakthroughs. We are in the relentless pursuit of answers to those critical medical technology needs.
More patients die every year from lung cancer than prostate, breast and colon cancer combined (more than 150,000 annually in the U.S. alone). The Auris Monarch Platform has helped improve diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer. As a system designed to do what a surgeon’s hand cannot, the robot enables surgeons to gain access to hard-to-reach nodules in the lungs while maintaining constant vision and control, setting patients up for better surgical outcomes.
To provide a safer and more effective treatment option than what was available on the market, Chris Velis worked with Andrew Tofe to develop the Cerapedics i-FACTOR Peptide Enhanced Bone Graft, creating a new category of bone graft technology to enhance bone repair. This technology has shown a better overall success rate in clinical study disc surgery in fusion of bone, shown to cause less pain and improved function of the spine after surgery. The i-FACTOR technology is the only FDA-cleared biologic for use in cervical spine fusion.
Audax is focused on regenerative medicine in the orthopedics space with the goal of restoring healthy, functional bone and soft tissue. The team is designing minimally-invasive orthopedic products that aim to reduce surgery time and improve patient outcomes while overcoming traditional orthopedic complications like inflammation, infection and poor tissue-biomaterial integration.
Aesthetic medical devices can offer people ways to feel better about themselves. The Arctic Fox device is intended to remove unwanted body fat in a minimally-invasive manner with potentially less pain and shorter recovery time than other market offerings. The underlying technology also has applications for therapeutic areas.
There are more than 30 million sepsis patients globally per year, six million of whom die from the condition. One of the primary ways to avoid death from sepsis is faster diagnosis and treatment. BOA Biomedical is developing platform technologies which could enable providers to more quickly and effectively diagnose and treat bloodstream infections, with the potential to reduce morbidity and mortality of sepsis.
More than five billion people globally are unable to access affordable, high-quality surgical care. Enso Surgical aims to leverage advances in surgical robotic instrumentation, materials science and other groundbreaking technologies to leapfrog current standards of care, enabling otherwise impossible procedures that improve and save lives.