Karen Miller

Venture Director

With a proven track record of building revenue streams, solid customer base, and strong market presences for breakthrough technologies, Karen focuses on commercializing portfolio companies at Miraki Innovation. A team member since 2016, Karen leads the development effort of one of the fund’s most exciting companies: Arctic Fox, for which she is president and chief operating officer.

Before joining Miraki, Karen spent over 20 years working for medical device startups. As an early team member of each company, she developed marketing strategies, sales funnels, and infrastructure to ensure successful launches and obtain significant market share through creative, customer-driven and solutions-focused strategies.

Karen’s leadership has led to 22 successful product launches at four different medical device startup companies, three of which achieved a successful exit. Karen’s experience spans a range of medical practices including dermatology, ophthalmology, and a variety of surgical specialties.

Karen earned a Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics from Brown University.


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