We are a team. We have a variety of missions, but the common thread is that everybody here is passionate and everybody wants to make progress and that’s really what our company is about.

Christopher Velis spent decades in M&A developing technologies for late stage and established companies. During this time, he recognized organizational patterns in how medtech companies succeed and failed during development and exit. Chris knew he could use this knowledge to create companies that would not only have a meaningful impact on patients’ lives, but also integrate experts, leaders and passionate team members more effectively. Thus began Miraki’s team of teams structure.

Christopher Velis

Founder & Executive Chairman
Entrepreneur and venture capitalist, Christopher Velis has pioneered some of the most innovative medical technologies brought to market in the last decades. As Founder and Executive Chairman, Chris forecasts imminent global health and medical challenges, uncovers technologies at leading research institutions and assembles teams of industry experts to solve these global problems. Chris not only offers investments guidance and critical research and industry connections, but also helps guide each portfolio company along the fund’s proven, repeatable process that reduces new venture risk and enhances returns.
Auris Health, recognized by CNBC as one of the 50 most disruptive companies in the world, is one of a number of ventures founded, grown or brought to exit by Chris. Companies Chris has worked on have set the industry gold standard for motion preservation, regeneration of cartilage and soft tissue through the use of novel peptides, tissue regeneration using DNA pairs, and stem cell and PRP technologies for use in regenerative medicine. Throughout his 27-year career, Chris has also represented more than 150 medical device companies in a variety of business transactions including licensing agreements, joint ventures and M&A.