Our method creates a proprietary and exclusive deal flow that gives us a competitive advantage. We translate ideas and research directly out of labs and build them into flourishing companies. 

Our network values our unrivaled ability to reduce risks earlier than traditional venture capital, create economies of scope quickly and properly calculate each investment’s likely exits. We are often the first call from leading institutions to license their IP.

To develop technologies into commercial businesses, we select a team of industry experts from our in-house team and our extended network. This new team proceeds to quickly implement our proprietary Scroll process, defining milestones for functional areas such as product optimization, company staffing, regulatory affairs, pre-clinical and clinical studies, IP protection and device manufacturing.

Our process outlines the schedule of funding rounds, anticipated exit values and projected IRR of each investment. And because our portfolio companies share preexistent resources such as legal and regulatory partners, administration personnel and work facilities, they are able to commence work immediately and in a cost-effective manner.


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