44 Brattle Street

Our repeatable method is made possible by a variety of unique capabilities few other venture ­firms offer. Many of these services and resources are provided in our Venture Development Center, whose unique structure allows us to bring IP out of a lab and into a functioning company in as little as one week.

We are headquartered in the heart of the Boston-Cambridge life sciences supercluster, which offers an exceptional mix of universities, teaching hospitals and research institutions, biotech, medical device and pharmaceutical companies, research funding and a supportive regulatory and business environment that allows healthcare innovations to flourish.

The building that houses our Venture Development Center was designed by Thompson, Sert and Gropius in the late 1960’s and is an iconic building referred to as “Architects’ Corner”. This unique structure, designed in the Bauhaus style, was the original location for Design Research. This design approach is a reflection of Miraki’s method and the intersection of art and technology at which our portfolio companies operate.

Extensive Network from which to License IP

Global Community of Industry Leaders

Broad and Deep Relationships with Potential Acquirers

In-House Portfolio Companies

Lab-to-Company Translation Method

Clinical Experience and Relationships

Quality Assurance

Rapid Value Creation and Early-Stage Risk Reduction

Regulatory Expertise

Audits and Fund Administration

Market, Clinician and Patient Research

Ongoing, Active Involvement in Portfolio Companies


Information Technology


Payroll and Benefits

Office and Research Space

Multi-Disciplinary Team of Teams